Certified Public Accountants

Important Tax Filing Developments

Feb 15, 2011

The IRS sent letters to all known IRS identity theft victims in early December. These letters notified taxpayers that the IRS has placed an identity theft indicator on their account. The letter also advised the taxpayer that an addi- tional letter will be forwarded toward the end of the month of December with a unique PIN that must be entered on the taxpayer’s returns for 2011 for the taxpayer to file electronically. Absent this PIN, the taxpayer will be required to file a paper return, which could delay a re- fund. The IRS will then match the special PIN with the PIN to be entered on the e-filed re- turns  to positively identify the taxpayer. If the PIN does not match or is not present on the e-filed return, the return will be rejected. The unique PIN will be “year” specific. These unique PINs will likely be issued for up to three years after the IRS has identified and validated an identity theft victim.
Important to Keep PIN Letters
If you receive one of these letters it is ab- solutely essential that you keep the letter and contact me immediately. If you lose the letter and do not know your special PIN, you cannot get it in any other way. The IRS will not issue duplicate letters. If you do not have the PIN, I cannot electronically file your return.