Certified Public Accountants

Electronic Filing Required for Most Returns in 2012

Feb 15, 2011

New electronic filing requirements for tax return preparers go into effect in 2012. Starting in January 2012, any paid preparer that expects to file 11 or more Form 1040 returns must use IRS e-file. However, if you file these forms yourself, you may choose to file by paper, even if I prepare the return for you. If you do not want your return filed electronically, I can mail printed income tax returns to the IRS for you. However, I will need to obtain a hand-signed and dated statement from you stating that you do not want your return e-filed.
Filing tax returns electronically has benefits and drawbacks. The benefits are that the re- turns are processed quickly and you should get your refund in much less time. The drawback is that it is easier for the IRS to analyze and scrutinize an electronic tax return.

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